Whew chile! Whoopi Goldberg has officially had it with Meghan McCain, as the two got into their most heated argument yet. Things got so intense that Whoopi firmly told Meghan, “Girl, please stop!” on the most recent episode of “The View.”

One of the main reasons that many fans continue to tune into ABC’s long-running daytime talk show “The View” is to see a collection of differing opinions on current issues. However, that also means that heated arguments often arise between the panelists—the latest being Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain. These two have gone back and forth with each other before, but this latest round was easily their most intense.

During the most recent broadcast, Meghan was continuously interrupting both Whoopi and fellow panelist Sunny Hostin as they attempted to speak their opinions regarding Donald Trump’s impeachment. That’s when Whoopi absolutely had enough of Meghan and told her to stop talking.

After Whoopi said, girl, please stop!” Meghan replied with “fine, I won’t say anything for the rest of the show” and perfectly on cue, Whoopi responded with, “I’m okay with that.” However, Meghan still continued to talk over Whoopi and that’s when Whoopi decided to just cut to commercial.

If you’ve watched “The View” since Meghan joined, you know that she is regularly getting into heated arguments with the other panelists. Most recently, she and Joy Behar also were involved in a heated verbal exchange that had many viewers calling for Meghan to be fired.

We’re pretty sure that this definitely won’t be the last time that Whoopi has to put Meghan in her place.


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